Strategic Planning 2016


A strategic plan is a written document that will point the way forward for the School of Dentistry. It will establish new organizational goals for us and also explain why these goals are important. This process will uncover ways to improve performance, generate new processes, solve organizational processes and ultimately help us to acheive our fullest potential. For more information about a strategic plan and the strategic planning process, click here.

On behalf of Dean Aksu and the Strategic Planning Committee, thank you to everyone, individually and collectively, for being part of Detroit Mercy Dental’s next strategic plan.  We should be proud of our School’s family and the ability to have discussions that move us forward.

We have developed a new Mission and Vision Statement, and goals for us to achieve throughout the next five years.  The plan is in the final stages of being assembled and soon we will move onto creating action steps for the established goals.  Your continued involvement is very much appreciated! 

If you have questions about the strategic planning process at Detroit Mercy Dental, please contact any of the committee members listed below.

Detroit Mercy Dental Strategic Plan Committee Members

Dr. Ahmad Malhaagh-Fard

Dr. David Kacir

Dr. Eric Krukonis

Dr. Melanie Mayberry

Dr. Elmer Newness

Dr. John Palanci

Dr. Susan Paurazas

Professor Kathi Shepherd

Dr. Tamika Thompson-Sloan

Professor Carolynn Zeitz

Stakeholder Groups