Tablet PCs

Lenovo Tablet PCThe School of Dentistry has utilized tablet-style portable PCs for the past few years as a required technological adjunct for students, including those in the Dental Hygiene program. The primary purpose for the utilization of the academic/clinical software is for clinical chair side applications.

Wireless Internet in the clinic enables students to access patient education web sites at chair-side, or anywhere on the Corktown Campus, using their tablet PCs.  This allows students to provide visual references and print materials for their patients to take home.

Below are a few highlights:

  • Patient demographic data 
  • Patient arrival notification
  • Patient appointment scheduling: performed within operatories
  • Medication web sites
  • Product web sites
  • Explanations for health related conditions (Google search)
  • Billing of completed procedures

Faculty have the ability to enter and track student performance at chair side.  Highlights include:

  • Clinical Evaluation System 
  • Student performance
  • Clinical Performance Monitoring System
  • Real-time, on-line chair side evaluation of students
  • Elimination of data entry costs
  • Elimination of time lags between rendered care and data entry
  • Generation of reports

Classroom/Other capabilities:

  • Class lectures/PowerPoint presentations downloaded from course web sites
  • Lecture notes added directly to PowerPoint presentations with an attached stylus
  • Case-based examinations utilizing cases found on 
  • More efficient access to email,, and course evaluations