Application Information

It is recommended that high school students interested in dentistry as a career follow an academic science oriented curriculum in a four-year degree program at a fully accredited college or university. Prospective students are advised to pursue a full-time program of studies at the undergraduate level leading to a Bachelors degree. The choice of a major is not critical, however specific prerequisite courses are required and additional science courses are recommended in order to prepare for the rigorous science based dental curriculum. Prospective applicants are advised to take a full academic load (15-18 credits per semester or 10-12 credits per quarter).

Applicants for the School of Dentistry must have received credit for at least two years of college (a minimum of 60 semester or 90 quarter hours). However, most applicants admitted have completed four years of predental education and obtained a Bachelor’s degree. No more than 60 semester hours may be taken at a community college.

Please send all admission questions to