Alumni Scholarship Funds

The following scholarships have been made possible by generous alumni and friends of the School.  To qualify for one or more of these awards, please complete this application form and return it to the Student Affairs office.

Scholarship Name



Alumni Scholarship


Awarded by Alumni Board Scholarship Committee; open to Canadian students

Charles Defever Scholarship

DS 1-4

Resident of Michigan at the top of their class in microbiology and bio-medical sciences courses.

Cooper Dental Scholarship

DS 1-4

Minority students who have mentored pre-dental applicants for dentistry and/or participated in recruitment/retention activities for minority students.

Dean's Circle Scholarship


Dental or Current Dental hygiene students currently enrolled in the School of Dentistry, as identified by the University’s Admissions and Financial Aid Staff.  Students must be in good standing at the UDMSoD.  Students demonstrating leadership within their class, organizations or the School.  Open to Canadian students.

Delta Dental Fund


Awarded to two DS1 students (Michigan residents only) annually based on pre-dental academic performance and admissions committee recommendations.  Available to students demonstrating financial need.  Awardee receives scholarship for four years (total of $4,000)

Delmer H. Eichler Scholarship Fund

DS 1-4

Students demonstrating academic or other merit according to the guidelines established by the Dean of the School of Dentistry, demonstrating financial need. Open to Canadian students.

Elias Floyd Delta Sigma Delta Scholarship


Students belonging to Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity, demonstrating a financial need.

Hoban Memorial Scholarship

DS3 or DH2

Students who demonstrate financial need.  Third year students balancing professional studies and family responsibilities.  Second year hygiene students may also be selected.

Lawrence Cotman Expendible Scholarship


Students who have a GPA of 3.5 or better and demonstrate financial need.

Moseley Dental Scholarship

DS 1-4

Recipient must be full or part time student of African American descent enrolled in the UDMSoD demonstrating financial need.  Open to Canadian students.

Stricker Endowed Scholarship


Students demonstrating excellent interpersonal communication skills with patients, colleagues and staff, clinical skills and professional demeanor.


*All recipients must be School of Dentistry students in good standing and US citizens or permanent residents, unless otherwise stated in criteria profile.

Alumni and friends interested in contributing to one of these scholarships or in starting a named scholarship can contact our development office via phone at 313.494.6927.  Dean’s Circle gifts may be made online.