2016 Courses

October 2016

Morning/afternoon CourseFriday, October 28th
Dentistry Simplified: Pearls For Your Practice (PA115-1016)
Presenter: Mohamed Harunani, DDS

November 2016

Evening CourseWednesday, November 2nd
The Ins and Outs of Local Anesthesic Administration, Antibiotic Pre-Medication and Patients Taking Blood Thinners (AN104-1116)
Presenter: William Maher, RPh, DDS, MS
Morning/afternoon CourseWednesday, November 9th
A Hands-On Review of Local Anesthesia for the Dental Practitioner (AN108-1116)
Presenters: W. Choong Foong, BSc (Hons), PhD; M. Lynne Morgan, R.D.H., M.S.
Morning/afternoon CourseSaturday, November 19th
Periodontal Therapy: A Hands-On Approach to Best Practices (PE129-1116)
Presenters: Laura Manning-Lee, RDH, BS, MA; Kathleen Neveu, RDH, MS; Kathi Shepherd, RDH, MS; Maureen Van Hook, RDH, MS

December 2016

Morning/afternoon CourseFriday, December 9th
Vaping, Smoking, Inhaling Oh My! What Dental Professionals Should Know About the Emerging Trends and Oral Health Consequences of Nicotine Product Misuse ()
Presenter: Jill Loewen, CDA, RDA, MS, CTTS

October 2017

Multi-day CourseTue, October 10th - Sat, October 14th
Forensic Odontology in a Medical Examiner's Office (OP101-1017)
Presenters: Allan Warnick, DDS, DABFO; Gary Berman, DDS, DABFO; Chuck Berner, DDS, MAGD, DABFO; Mary A. Bush, DDS; Peter J. Bush, BS; Todd Fenton, PhD; Reggie Harvel, WCMEO; Bradford Hepler, PhD; Sarah Krebs, MSP; William T. Lichon, DDS; Raymond Miller, DDS; Carl Schmidt, MD, DABFP; Kelly Root, WCMEO; Terry Thomas, FDLE


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