Michelle Wheater

Dr. Wheater earned her B.S. from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and her Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Iowa State University, before completing postdoctoral training at Northwestern University Medical School.  In addition to her duties at UDMSOD she teaches histology to year 1 medical students at Wayne State University School of Medicine.  She has been involved in health professions (medical and dental) teaching for over 20 years and has received several teaching awards.  Dr. Wheater is active in dental education and is an alumnus of the American Dental Education Association Leadership Institute.  Dr. Wheater has also been active in research, with past National Institutes of Health funded projects and over 50 publications in peer-reviewed journals. She has played an active role in mentoring high school, undergraduate, and graduate students through participation in many national, state, and university research programs.

Selected Publications

John, V., Papageorge, M., Jahangiri, L., Wheater, M., Cappelli, D., Frazer, R., and Sohn, W. 2011. Recruitment, development, and retention of dental faculty in a changing environment. J. Dent. Ed. 75:82-89.

Damas, B.A., Wheater, M., Bringas, J., and Hoen, M. 2011. Cytotoxicity comparison of mineral trioxide aggregates and endosequence bioceramic root repair materials. J. Endo. 37:372-375.

Qiu, P., Wheater, M., and Sosne, G. 2011. Thymosin beta 4 inhibits TNF-a-induced NFkB activation, IL-8 expression, and the sensitizing effects by its partners PINCH-1 and ILK. FASEB. J. 25:1815-1826.

Gao, N., Kumar, A., Guo, H., Wheater, M., and Yu, F-S. 2011. Topical flagellin-mediated innate defense against Candida albicans keratitis. Invest. Opthalmol. Vis. Sci. 52:3074-3082.

Hirschman, W., Wheater, M., Bringas, J., and Hoen, M. 2012. Cytotoxicity comparison of three direct pulp capping materials with a new bioceramic root repair putty. J. Endo. 38:385-388.

Wheater, M.A., Falvo, J., Ruiz, F., and Byars, M. 2012. Chlorhexidine, ethanol, LPS and nicotine do not enhance the cytotoxicity of a calcium hydroxide pulp capping material. Int. Endo. J. 45:989-995.