Jill Loewen

Jill Loewen received a BS degree in Allied Health Education in 1989 and a MS degree in Career and Technical Education in 1999 from Ferris State University. Previously serving as a Dental Assisting Program educator, she joined the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry in 2001. Ms. Loewen began her current position of Project Coordinator for Tobacco and Quality Improvement Programs in 2002 and established the Tobacco Prevention and Treatment Program for the School of Dentistry. She has served as Clinical Assistant Professor since 2006, teaching dental, dental hygiene students, and residency program students in the areas of tobacco dependency treatment and quality improvement.

Ms. Loewen serves as a board member of the Michigan Dental Foundation and the Michigan Oral Health Coalition, and is former Chair of the Tobacco Free Initiatives Special Interest Group of the American Dental Education Association. She is a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist.