Logos and Identity

To maintain UDM's identity and reputation, it is important to consistently use UDM colors and graphics properly, as well as to maintain consistent technical style across written materials. You can find the University's Identity and Style information here.


Link here to download the UDM School of Dentistry logos in different file formats for uses on the web, with the Microsoft Office suite, and print projects. For professional printing and publications, you will need to use an TIF or EPS format file.  Note: You will not be able to open TIF or EPS files with the Microsoft Office suite. You will need an image editing program such as Adobe Photoshop to open the file.  If you are working with a vendor to create a logo product, ask which format is required.

School of Dentistry Colors

Below please find the University color guides for web and print.




Hexadecimal color (web) 002C76 AC1A2F FFFFFF
RGB color (web) 0, 44, 118 172, 26, 47 255, 255, 255
Process color (CMYK)


Spot color
(Pantone aka PMS)
PMS 288 PMS 187  
Black ink only (Grayscale) Solid black (K100) 60% black (K60)