Frequently Asked Questions



Where can I find the application?
The application can be found online (click here). Additionally, you may request one to be mailed or emailed to you from the Office of Multicultural Affairs, by contacting;

Yvita Fox
Coordinator of Pipeline Program

Do I have to be educationally and financially disadvantage?
You have to be either educationally or financially disadvantaged.  Or you can be both.

Do I have to be an underrepresented minority (African American, Hispanicorigin, and/or American Indian) to apply?


Presently, do I have to be disadvantaged to apply to the Summer Enrichment Program?
In order to qualify for financially disadvantaged, we consider your tax returns from last year. Educationally disadvantaged is based upon your secondary educational environment.

Where can I find information about my high school, enabling me to  provide support documentation for my educationally disadvantaged  status?
If your school falls below the district standards. Your school districts website will be able to assist with gathering data about your high school (ie. high dropout rate, large percentage of students who participate in the free lunch program, or the school district scores on standardized exams are below state/national averages).