Community Based Dental Education (CBDE)

The Community Based Education (CBDE) programs aim to provide students with community-based experiences, particularly in clinics located in underserved communities.  

Why CBDE is good for the student:

  • Cultivates a positive attitude in caring for underserved populations
  • Improves confidence by interacting with a diverse group of patients
  • Develops a provider who is able to reflect on the oral health needs of a community being served
  • Advances clinical skills by treating patients in busy patient-oriented facility

Why CBDE is good for the community:

  • Addresses the access to care issues for the population served
  • Increases the proportion of children, adolescents and adults who use the oral health care system, annually
  • Fosters better trust and effective communication regarding oral health within the community
  • Exposes students to careers in a safety net health center
  • Helps to achieve objectives set by Healthy People 2020