The following course work is required of all students working toward a Bachelor of Science degree in dental hygiene and encompasses both University Core and Dental Hygiene Core classes.

University Core Curriculum
Course Number Course Title Semester Cr.
MTH 1010 College Algebra  3
CIS 1000 Intro to Computers 3
PHL 1000 Intro to Philosophy 3
REL 1000 Intro to Religion 3
An Additional Philosophy or Religious Studies Course 3
Historical Experience (History) 3
Literary Experience (Study of Fiction, Drama, Poetry, Film, or Literature) 3
Aesthetic Experience (Art/Music/Drama) 3
Comparative Experience (Culture/Language) 3
Dental Hygiene Core Curriculum
Course Number Course Title Semester Cr.
DHY 8310 Dental Hygiene Research Methods 3
DHY 8312 Dental Hygiene Capstone (scholarly activity) 3
Electives Student's Interest  126


Electives include any additional courses beyond those stated above necessary to achieve completion of 126 credit hours. This coursework may include any coursework or an independent/directed study in the student's particular area of interest.