Admission Process

Application Process

1. Complete the online application

2. Send official copies of all transcripts from all colleges and universities attended to:

University of Detroit Mercy
4001 W. McNichols Rd
Detroit, MI  48221-3038

3. Verification of dental office employment or observation

  • It is expected that the applicant be familiar with the work environment in which most hygienists are employed. 
  • Written verification, on dental office letterhead, is required to verify either employment or observation in a dental office.
  • A minimum of 6-8 hours dental office experience is expected. 
  • Send to the Dental Hygiene Admissions office at the address listed below:
University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry
Attn: Dental Hygiene Admissions
2700 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.
Detroit, MI  48208-2576

Selection Process

1. Academic Rating

2. Informational Session

  • The top 30-40 applicants will be required to attend an additional informational session with a member of the Dental Hygiene Admission’s Committee. 
  • The session will allow questions/answers to be offered and received in order to further explain the program.
  • The added information will assist the applicants in determining whether their personal objectives match the Professional Dental Hygiene program’s Philosophy and Goals.

3. Final Selection

  • The final selection of 26 qualified students is based on the admissions score computed on the “Admissions Rating Form.”