Transfer Students

All prospective and transfer students are required to set up an advising session once declaring interest in the UDM Professional Dental Hygiene Program.  The advisor will discuss students acting as partners, expenses and scholarship opportunities, applicant’s knowledge of the dental hygiene profession, immunizations and testing related to infectious diseases, fulfillment of pre-requisite transfer courses when applicable, and potential license delay/denial due to felony convictions.

Phone: 313-494-6625

Application Process

Application deadline is on or before February 1st to be considered for admission into the next incoming class.  Admission is competitive and starts anew each year based on the most qualified candidates.  There is no waiting list.

1. Complete the online application: UDM Online Application

2. Please send the following to the address below:

  • Official copies of all transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
  • Verification of dental office employment or observation: It is expected that the applicant be familiar with the work environment in which most hygienists are employed; a minimum of 6-8 hours dental office experience/observation is required.   Written verification, on dental office letterhead, is required to verify either employment or observation in a dental office. 

University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry
Attn: Dental Hygiene Admissions
2700 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.
Detroit, MI  48208-2576

Selection Process

1. Academic Rating

Applicants are ranked based on the academic criteria described in the Admissions Policies and Program Information Handbook, thus computing a score using the criteria on the “Admissions Rating Form.”

2. Informational Session

The top 30-40 applicants will be required to attend an additional informational session with a member of the Dental Hygiene Admission’s Committee which will provide an opportunity to exchange questions and answers in order to further explain and understand the program.  This is meant to assist the applicants in determining whether their personal objectives match UDM’s Professional Dental Hygiene program Philosophy and Goals.

3. Final Selection

The final selection of a maximum 26 qualified students is based on the admissions score computed on the “Admissions Rating Form.”