Professional Dental Hygiene Program

Application Packet

Program Highlights

  • Students will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene.
  • A maximum of 26 students are admitted each year into the Professional phase of the Dental Hygiene Program.
  • The Professional Dental Hygiene Program does not keep a waiting list.
  • Admission is competitive and starts anew each year based on the most qualified candidates.
  • A minimum 2.7 is expected in Overall, Pre-requisite and Science GPA’s in order to be considered, however, this does not guarantee selection.
  • Dental office experience or observation is required.
  • Application deadline is on or before February 1st to be considered for admission into the next incoming DH class.
  • All pre-requisite course work must be completed by the end of the Winter semester prior to the start of the incoming student summer semester. Additionally, no more than three outstanding core courses may remain prior to starting the professional phase of the DH Program.
  • Prospective students into the Professional phase of the Dental Hygiene program should apply prior to the completion of the pre-dental hygiene coursework.
  • Once admitted, the program begins at the end of May in the Summer Semester.
  • After acceptance, students begin a full time, two-year, six semester curriculum.
  • Classes/Clinics are held Monday - Friday from 8am - 6pm.

Interdisciplinary Courses

  • Since the dental hygiene program is within the School of Dentistry, students gain exposure to all aspects of dental hygiene and dentistry.  The curriculum consists of some interdisciplinary courses, that is, courses that combine both dental and dental hygiene students.  This combined coursework allows students to begin collaborative and collegial interaction early and throughout their education.  Upon entering the patient care phase of their education, dental and dental hygiene students work together to provide assessment, diagnoses, and treatment for their patient families.
  • Didactic courses are taught by both Dental Hygiene and Dental faculty who are experts in their fields:
    • Dental Hygiene Faculty have Master level backgrounds in Dental Hygiene, Public Health, Adult Education, Curriculum and Instruction, and/or Health Services Administration.
    • Dental Faculty have Doctoral or advanced degrees in Dentistry, Microbiology, Immunology, Epidemiology, Pediatrics, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Biopharmaceutics, Radiology, Chemistry, Biology, Pathology, and/or Oral Medicine.

Clinical Environment

  • Dental Hygiene patients are supplied by the UDM School of Dentistry.
  • Clinical care is supervised by both Dental Hygiene and Dental faculty, who the majority are still active in clinical practice.
  • Broad background is developed in all phases of dental procedures.
  • Program requirements include assist/observe in Periodontic, Restorative, Orthodontic, Endodontic, and Oral Surgery departments within the School of Dentistry.

Tablet PC’s

  • Tablet PC’s have been utilized for the past few years as a required technological adjunct for our students. The primary purpose for the utilization of the academic/clinical software is for clinical chair side applications.
  • Wireless capabilities in the clinic allow students to not only provide visual photos, but to also print materials for their patients.
  • Chair Side Access:
    • Patient demographic data
    • Patient arrival notification
    • Medication websites
    • Patient education websites
    • Online searching for health related conditions
    • Billing of completed procedures
  • Classroom/Other capabilities:
    • Class lectures/PowerPoint presentations downloaded from course websites
    • Lecture notes added directly to PowerPoint presentations with an attached stylus
    • Case-based examinations utilizing cases found on  
    • More efficient access to email,, and course evaluations