The Orthodontic Clinic Experience

The Graduate Orthodontic Clinic is in operation five days every week. During this time, five separate and distinct "Clinical Teaching Teams", functioning one-half day each week, instruct the graduate students in variously modified approaches to treatment utilizing the edgewise mechanism. The students also spend approximately four half- days each week in Specialty Clinics, staffed by additional "Teaching Teams": the Mixed Dentition and TMJ (semesters 1-4 only) clinics operate alternate half day each week. The Advanced Orthodontic Clinics meet one-half day per week in the second year.

Since it is the philosophy of the Department of Orthodontics to expose the student to as many varied clinical experiences as is both possible and practical, his or her clinical exposure is both extensive and immediate. Almost immediately after his or her arrival into the Program, each student begins treatment for approximately 35 patients in need of comprehensive therapy. In the first year he or she will have also begun treatment for approximately three Orthognathic Surgery cases, ten Mixed Dentition cases, and three TMJ cases. Therefore, each student will be directly exposed to and responsible for the treatment of about 53 active treatment patients during the first year of the training program. In addition, approximately 25 transfer patients and 55 retention patients will be assigned in the second year. These patients are carefully screened and selected from the many orthodontic examinations that are conducted each year.