Project Advisor and Review Committee

In carrying out your research project there are several people who will be available to you for advice and assistance. These include your Department Chairman, the Director of Research, your Project Advisor, your Review Committee, and members of the faculty.

The Project Advisor generally will be a faculty member of this institution or some affiliated institution, and is the person with whom you will work most closely in terms of advice and guidance throughout the project. In most instances you may select the individual who will serve as your Project Advisor.

Your Review Committee will consist of a minimum of three persons: the Department Chairman, the Project Advisor, and the Director of Research. Additional qualified persons may be asked to serve on the Review Committee by any of the persons previously mentioned, or by you. Such a request need only be relayed to the Director or Research, who will make the necessary arrangements.

At least two "research hearings" will be held. A "preliminary hearing" will be held soon after you have established your research design. It is at this time that any questions, confusions, or apprehensions concerning the research, either on the part of the Review Committee or yourself, should be fully aired.

The "final hearing" will be held after you have completed your research project and after each member of your Review Committee has received a copy of the final version of your research report. If, for any reason, either you or any member of your Review Committee should wish to convene the Committee for an additional hearing, such requests simply may be relayed to the Department Chairman who will make the appropriate arrangements. The recommendations of the Committee are given to the student immediately following the hearing, who is then responsible for implementing these recommendations.