Research at UDM School of Dentistry

Research and scholarly activity are vital components of the UDM School of Dentistry Mission. Faculty and students are engaged in research in multiple disciplines including educational, material, retrospective health records, basic biomedical and clinical research.  Three laboratory spaces and continued capital and equipment improvements have provided researchers with the infrastructure needed to successfully complete diverse projects. Interdisciplinary teams involving faculty from all School of Dentistry departments have been established to facilitate collaborative research in the areas of pain research, bone biology, and immunology/virology/microbiology. In addition faculty members maintain collaborations with Wayne State University School of Medicine, University of Michigan, and St. John Providence Hospital Research Laboratory.

Administrative support at sustained high levels has allowed research and scholarly activity at the School of Dentistry to flourish. Several internal funding mechanisms are in place to support research, including the Faculty Research Grant Program, the McNichols Collaborative Research Grant Program, and the Student Research Program.  A unique aspect of the School of Dentistry is that faculty and students receive travel funds every year to attend dental professional meetings where they are encouraged to present their work. While the School of Dentistry is well represented at the annual sessions of the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) and the American Association for Dental Research (AADR), faculty and students may elect to attend one of many specialty meetings. Students have been especially successful at the annual sessions, with poster presentations at local, national, and international meetings as well as oral presentations and chairing of meeting sessions. In addition to travel funds, faculty and students are recognized for their efforts in research and scholarly activity through the Incentive Program for Excellence in Research and Scholarly Activity.

Research and scholarly activities are overseen by the Director of Research, Assistant Director of Research, and the Research Committee. The Director of Research provides leadership to the School of Dentistry in developing and overseeing an infrastructure for faculty and student development in the areas of research and scholarly activity. The Assistant Director of Research collaborates with the Director of Research to develop a research plan that is consistent with the Mission and Vision of the School of Dentistry and communicate a vision for research. The Research Committee is charged with the responsibility of fostering an atmosphere to promote faculty and student research efforts, and supporting those efforts through financial means, direction, consultation, and mentorship.