Alliance for Inclusion


The Alliance for Inclusion (AI) is UDM's first ever equality-centric organization. Originally started as an LGBT specific group, AI has grown to support the concept of "inclusion" over all else. With this approach, we aim to take diversity to the next level by unifying the dental school as one common group, open to everyone of every race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and etc.. While the focus of the group remains on LGBT issues, as oral health care providers we recognize the importance of understanding all persons in order to better serve our patients and interact with our colleagues. Through various educational events and community service involvement, we hope to put an end to ignorance and better inform those around us.


To create a welcoming atmosphere for all persons at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry and the surrounding community by promoting the idea of inclusion through fellowship, education and service. 


Dr. Kenneth Hillenburg (faculty adviser) 

Matthew J. Love (president)

Lauryne Vanderhoof (vice-president)