Canadian Student Association

The Canadian Student Association (CSA) at the UDM School of Dentistry was founded in 2010 with the goal of providing networking opportunities for its members, as well as serving as a platform for outreach events across the border. 

Through the generous support of Canadian faculty and local alumni, we are able to organize educational opportunities more pertinent to the Canadian market to supplement our education abroad.  Our outreach endeavors include a free mouth guard clinic in Windsor, made possible by a close collaboration with the dental hygiene school at Saint Clair College.  The group also aims to help with the transition back to Canadian practice through the sharing of Canadian Dental Board Examination resources.  The CSA is by no means exclusive to Canadians, and we have learning opportunities in a wide variety of domains such as dental specialties and practice management. 

UDM CSA StudentsThe Canadian Student Association (CSA) of the UDM School of Dentistry held their 2nd Annual Free Custom Mouth Guard Clinic at the Saint Clair College Schoolof Health Sciences on September 16th, 2012.  This year’s event was wildly successful due to improvements in advertising, and positive word of mouth from participants in the inaugural event.  The students of the CSA were able to fabricate and deliver 200 custom athletic mouth guards to local children involved in a diverse range of sporting activities.  Impressions were made by 28 Saint Clair dental hygiene students, and the mouth guards were fabricated by 35 student volunteers from the UDM School of Dentistry -- Canadian and American alike.  Saint Clair College had 6 staff members on hand to supervise their students, and the UDM CSA had a surprise visit from their faculty advisor, Dr. Foong.

 This clinic was made possible through the generous donation of materials by Patterson Dental, and thanks to the contribution of facilities as well as the time and labor of the staff, students of the Saint Clair College School of Health Sciences.  We would also like to thank the UDM School of Dentistry for supporting our endeavor to reach out to the underserved population in Windsor and Essex County.