Psi Omega Dental Fraternity

Psi Omega is

  • a dental fraternity
  • 36 school chapters
  • 30 alumni chapters
  • founded in 1892 at Baltimore College of Dental Surgery
  • 32,000 members since 1892
  • a group of individuals pledged to advance the standards, interests and effectiveness of the dental profession
  • a medium to develop everlasting friendships
  • promotes professional, cultural and social activities of its members

The objectives of the fraternity shall be to maintain and advance the high standards of dentistry by instilling in its members the spirit of fraternal cooperation, and to exert its influence for the advancement of the dental profession in its methods of teaching, of practice, or research, of ethics and of jurisprudence.

By joining Psi Omega the dental student will find a common bond on a local and national level. Loans are available to students through the Psi Omega foundation and free life insurance is awarded while a student member. Each member will receive a national magazine for world wide communication. Scholastic and achievement awards are given annually to the deserving member at conclusion of their senior year. Psi Omega offers volunteer opportunities along with social gatherings which are partially or completely funded by the fraternity through your membership.

How to Join

Interested dental students may attend any and all meetings posted by the officers of Psi Omega. Initial dues are $55 which are paid before the annual initiation party. Meetings are usually held monthly and are posted in the students lounge 1 week prior.