Mobile Dental Clinic - Assistant & Driver


Posted: 9/28/2021

Job Type

Position Summary

The purpose of this position is to provide support to the students and faculty providing dental services on the mobile dental van. The individual will be assigned as a driver to operate the Mobile Dental Clinic as well as to assist in providing patient services at this clinic. 


Essential Duties And Responsibilities

(1) Work with Mobile Program Coordinator to obtain necessary information for registration and billing as required. 
(2) Properly maintains and cleans equipment (i.e. high speed, low speed, dental unit, x-ray unit, ultrasonic scaler, etc.) by following the manufacturer’s guidelines 
(3) Operate standard office equipment, including an on-line computer. 
(4) Support the faculty and students during the operation of the mobile clinic to efficiently manage patient flow in the mobile clinic 
(5) Drive the mobile health van to locations according to established schedule 
(6) Perform routine safety checks, identify needed vehicle maintenance and arrange for its completion 
(7) Secure mobile van in established parking area at the end of the day 
(8) Maintains inventory & orders supplies 
(9) Dental Assistant duties as needed 
(10) Perform related duties as assigned 

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