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Dentist Needed - Michigan

Adult and Pediatric Oral Health

Dentist will take care of patient's teeth, gums and bones in the mouth, treat gum and mouth diseases, and perform dental procedures to save teeth from decaying, pull teeth that cannot be saved, and use dental equipment and local or general anesthetic during procedures.  Dentist responsible for treating problems associated with the teeth and surrounding tissues in the mouth.  Dentist provides advise and administers care to assist in preventing future dental problems.  Instruction may be provided on brushing, flossing, diet, the use of fluorides, and all other aspects related to dental care.  Other responsibilities of dentist include filling cavities, removing tooth decay, examining x-rays, placing protective sealants on teeth, repairing fractured teeth and straightening teeth.  In some cases, dentist may perform corrective surgery on the bones that support the gums, in addition to treating gum diseases.  Dentist extracts teeth and creates models for dentures to replace teeth that are missing.  Dentist writes prescriptions for antibiotics and administers anesthetics.

Other Key Requirements for This Position:
* Use of computer and software packages, eg. (Dentrix)
* Completion of emergency preparedness training (to include, but not limited to FEMA IS Courses 100,
   200, 700, and 800) within 90 days of hire is required for this position
* Responsible for the dental clinic, appropriate billing codes, and office management
* Participation in emergency preparedness exercises is required for this position
* Response during a public health emergency event is required for this position, including duties not normally performed

Required Education: 
Possess a license to practice.  Complete a two- or four-year bachelor's degree, followed by a dentistry-related degree to become a doctor of dental medicine (DMD), or doctor of dental surgery (DDS).  Pass a state board examination, obtain a license, and practice as a general dentist.

Required Experience:
Graduate from Accredited Dental School with doctoral degree, Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)

Other Required Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:
Dental practice and clinical experience of five years or more

Required Certifications/Licensures:
* Valid Michigan Driver's License, and proof of vehicle insurance
* License to practice as a dentist in Michigan
* Pharmacy license in Michigan

Carol Spann, SPHR, MPA