Alumni Awards

Detroit Mercy Alumni Achievement Spirit Awards

Each year, University of Detroit Mercy chooses an alumnus from each of its Colleges or Schools to honor as someone who has excelled in his or her profession, demonstrated outstanding leadership in work and devoted himself or herself in service to the larger community. Award recipients reflect the University’s mission of excellence and service and bring pride to their alma mater.

2022 School of Dentistry Alumni Achievement Spirit Award Honoree

Dr. Cheri Newman
Cheri Newman, R.D.H. ’89, B.S. ’90, D.D.S. ’98 
This year, the School of Dentistry honors Cheri S. Newman ’89, ’90, ’98, adjunct professor (Ret.) Detroit Mercy Dental. 

Newman is the epitome of the American story - you can accomplish anything you want in life, and it is never too late to start. In 1987 after single-handedly raising two daughters and working as a waitress to put herself through pre-requisites, Newman began her journey with Detroit Mercy as a non-traditional student. In 1989 she earned a certificate in dental hygiene and, in 1990, a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene ­– achieving this while raising two teen daughters, graduating with honors, and being invited into the Sigma Phi Alpha Dental Hygiene honors society. 

After five years of working as a dental hygienist, Newman returned to Detroit Mercy, earning a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1998. This graduation was significant as both Newman and her daughter Stephanie graduated from Detroit Mercy Dental the same year. Over the years, Newman's connection to the School has continued. Although now retired, she was a long-time professor, a title she held in addition to being a successful business owner, international leader, volunteer, mentor, humanitarian and philanthropist. But, if there were just one word to describe Newman, it would be – benevolent. 

Newman has focused much of her work on providing care and coordinating services for patients with special needs and different abilities. As a professor, Newman was instrumental in planning and operationalizing a weekly clinic for patients with special needs and physical disabilities and developed a fund that pays for care for these individuals. In addition, Newman runs a yearly weeklong outreach program that provides dental services for adults who are disabled at Bay Cliff Health Camp. The camp is located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and helps adults with special needs achieve greater independence. Her involvement with Bay Cliff Health Camp was outside of her faculty duties. Yet, Newman still opened the opportunity up to Detroit Mercy Dental students and served as their supervising practitioner and mentor as they gained meaningful educational experiences while exploring their mission.

By creating these learning opportunities, Newman has not only helped provide care for marginalized communities, but she has also lived our mission by contributing to our students' intellectual, spiritual, ethical and social development.

In addition to providing care to patients with special needs, Newman has spent considerable time serving the dental profession. She has held various leadership positions within organized dentistry, including serving as president of the Francis B. Vedder Society and as a board member or executive board member of many local and national dental organizations. Newman currently serves as a trustee for the Michigan Dental Association, president of the Pierre Fauchard Leadership Foundation, and on a dental science advisory board. She also volunteers her free time with her church, non-profits and with medical missions, including Mission of Mercy.

Most notably, Newman is a past president of an international honorary dental service organization, Pierre Fauchard Academy (PFA). Fellowship in the PFA is extended to fewer than 3% of dentists worldwide and is conferred only to those dedicated to service. While the international president for PFA, Newman traveled the world and was honored by delegates in France, Japan and South America. She represented University of Detroit Mercy proudly and talked about the importance of using dentistry to serve others. 


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Allied Dental Alumnus of the Year Awardees

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2003 Mr. Edward L. Cleland, '74
2004 Ms. Barbara Posler, '70
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2007 Ms. Margie Coleman, '74
2008 N/A
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Honorary Alumni of the Year Recipients

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2011 Dr. Daman Thanik
2012 Dr. Gary Jeffers
2013 Dr. Sherif Badr
N/A= Not awarded