Accelerated Dental Program Admission

You must have an ADA accredited post-graduate dental specialty degree or certificate from at least a two-year United States or Canadian program in clinical dentistry to be eligible to apply to the Accelerated Dental Program.

1. Interested applicants should send to the program director, Dr. John Palanci,

  • a letter of interest
  • and current Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Palanci will review the applicant’s qualifications and consult with department chairs to see if the applicant’s qualifications meet departmental needs. If so, a formal application will be sent for admission.

2. Each applicant is required to submit a complete formal application for admission. No application will be reviewed until it is complete. The complete application consists of the following:

  • Application form
  • Current Curriculum Vitae
  • Passport type photograph (2" x 2")
  • $75 application fee (U.S. funds, made payable to UDM School of Dentistry) 
    Note: Money order or certified check only.
  • Official Evaluation of Foreign Educational Credentials Course-by-Course Evaluation Report. This report must be prepared by the Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.

    Note: Payment for this service is made directly to Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. Please read and follow application instructions carefully.
  • An official copy of National Board Dental Examination Scores, Part I. Successful completion of this examination is required and a maximum of two attempts to pass this examination will be allowed. This must be an original document and mailed from the Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations.
  • Evidence of U.S. Immigration and Naturalization status. The applicant must either be a U.S. citizen, a permanent resident alien (Green Card), show proof that permanent residency status is in process, or meet eligibility for requirements for a student visa.
  • Demonstrated competence in the English language. Non-native English speakers are required to complete one of the following options:
    • The Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-Based Test (TOEFL - IBT) with a minimum score of 25 on each section AND a minimum total score of 100 is required.
    • The Detroit Test of English Language Proficiency with a combined score of 80 and passing grade in Composition and Speaking.

      Note: The Office of Academic Administration reserves the right to request the applicant be tested by the Department of American Language and Culture, University of Detroit Mercy, regardless of TOEFL-IBT results
  • One letter of recommendation from the Dean or Academic Dean of the candidate's overseas dental program
  • Two letters of professional reference from faculty of the candidate's accredited U.S. graduate dental specialty degree program
  • An official transcript, posting the earned certificate or degree from an accredited U.S. graduate dental specialty degree program

Individuals who do not meet the above stated criteria will not be considered for an interview.

Completed applications will be reviewed by February 1 and Candidate Interviews will be offered starting March 1.

Adjunct Faculty Position

PLEASE NOTE: Acceptance into the accelerated dental program is based on the educational and faculty personnel needs of the School of Dentistry. Applications received by the Office of Academic Administration will be reviewed based on potential part-time faculty positions available for the next academic year.

If a position is available, completed applications will be forwarded to specific departments for review. The department chairperson is responsible for the review and selection of potential candidates. The interview process for potential candidates is coordinated by the specific department chairperson and the Coordinator of the ADP.

If a department is interested in recruiting and hiring an Accelerated Dental Candidate, that recommendation will be forwarded to the Academic Dean. The Dean will make the final determination if a candidate is eligible for the Accelerated Dental Program.


  • Position includes 20 hours per week (50% FTE) of student contact while teaching during the student preclinic lab, clinic, or classroom sessions in the 2-year program.
  • Teaching commitment in the 3rd and 4th year track will increase up to 80% FTE after the first semester.  During this semester, the student will proceed academically with the students in the two-year cohort.
  • Faculty are required to teach for 6 complete terms for a two-year program; 9 complete terms for a three-year program and 12 terms for a four-year program.
  • Teaching and clinical assignments are determined by the department chairperson. Faculty are expected to participate in all faculty-related activities, including faculty meetings, faculty development programs, graduation, school-sponsored social gatherings, etc.
  • Annual salary is $32,000.00.
  • Benefits include TIAA-CREF and health insurance.