Professional Dental Hygiene Program Admission

All prospective and transfer students are required to set up an advising session once declaring interest in the Detroit Mercy Professional Dental Hygiene Program.  The advisor will discuss students acting as partners, expenses and grant opportunities, applicant’s knowledge of the dental hygiene profession, immunizations and testing related to infectious diseases, fulfillment of pre-requisite transfer courses when applicable, and potential license delay/denial due to felony convictions. Please contact us to schedule an advising session: 

Co-Director, Dental Hygiene Admissions, Transfer
Tonya R. Zalenski, B.S.D.H.

Application Process

To successfully submit an application to the Dental Hygiene Program, follow the instructions provided below:

  • Visit and create an account to submit your application. 
  • A minimum overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.70 is required for entry into the Dental Hygiene Program.
  • The Dental Hygiene Program Admissions Committee will review all verified applications that meet the program minimum requirements.
  • The top 30 - 40 candidates will be invited to attend a mandatory "Information Session" where they will meet a Dental Hygiene Admission Board Member to review the program and answer any questions.
  • The deadlines to submit applications for the Professional Phase of the Dental Hygiene Program are:
    • Early Decision: November 1
    • Regular Decision: February 1

Selection Process

1. Academic Rating

Applicants are ranked based on the academic criteria described in the Admissions Policies and Program Information Handbook, thus computing a score using the criteria on the “Admissions Rating Form.”

2. Informational Session

The top 30-40 applicants will be required to attend an additional informational session with a member of the Dental Hygiene Admission’s Committee which will provide an opportunity to exchange questions and answers in order to further explain and understand the program.  This is meant to assist the applicants in determining whether their personal objectives match Detroit Mercy’s Professional Dental Hygiene program Philosophy and Goals.

3. Final Selection

The final selection of a maximum 26 qualified students is based on the admissions score computed on the “Admissions Rating Form.”  

4. Supplemental Documentation

a. Letters of recommendation are optional
b. Proof of a minimum of 10 hours job shadowing is required.

Both should be sent by the author(s), not the applicant. Please have them send to:

Dental Hygiene Admissions
University of Detroit Mercy
2700 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48208

For further information about the Dental Hygiene program requirements, please contact us.