Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) Program

The goal of the program is to graduate dentists who have a foundation in the scientific and biologic basis of dentistry, who are sensitive to the needs, values, and attitudes of the individual patient and to the community at large and who possess a variety of diagnostic, therapeutic, and health promotion skills for the delivery of patient care.

This goal is accomplished by a patient-centered educational approach in which biomedical, clinical and behavioral sciences provide the basis for the application of knowledge and skills to patient care.

D.D.S. Curriculum

The successful completion of the dental curriculum leads to the Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) degree. The curriculum is divided over four academic years. The academic year begins in late August and ends in late July, with a vacation period in August. Graduation is in May.

Timing and sequence of courses are designed to develop a biomedical and preclinical knowledge base prior to the start of clinical patient care. Clinical periods provide necessary amount of time to develop applied knowledge and technical skills essential for a person to enter the practice of general dentistry.

Curriculum and course content are continuously being reviewed and improved upon in order to present the most current information and trends in dentistry. Curricular information is subject to change.